AMAZON SEO GUIDE: For CPG Brands To Increase direct to consumer Sales on Amazon

AMAZON SEO GUIDE: For CPG Brands To Increase direct to consumer Sales on Amazon

Amazon SEO For CPG Brands

SEO on AmazonCredit

Amazon SEO is the biggest factor to success on Amazon for your CPG brand.

CPG With SEO on Amazon

According to TechCrunch Amazon cleared around $258.22 billion in US E-commerce retail sales in 2018, according to eMarketer’s figures, which works out to 49.1 percent of all retail spend in the US.

Amazon Market Size

Before I jump into further reasons why Amazon is the key to your brands growth this year let’s talk about what I’m going to cover in the “AMAZON SEO GUIDE: For CPG Brands To Increase Retail Sales on Amazon”


1. Why Is SEO on Amazon Important For My Business?

2. What is SEO for Amazon?

3. What’s Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?


4. The Perfect Amazon SEO Product Listing Formula

1. Why Is SEO on Amazon Important For My Business?

We are going to dive deep, without being techy, into the advantages that Amazon SEO has for your business.

We are also going to provide you with a step-by-step process to take advantage of Amazon SEO to increase sales of your current product listings.

Amazon Prime

With Amazon’s coveted subscription service, Prime, according to in their article “Amazon Prime Has More Than 100 Million U.S. Subscribers” has surpassed the 100-million-subscriber mark and makes up 54% of all sales on Amazon, which is about, let me get the math right…

Amazon Prime Subscribers

25% of all E-commerce sales globally is from Amazon Prime members.

According to

 “Each month more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit That’s more than the entire population of Russia.”

Do I have your attention on why Amazon is important for growing your CPG brand?

If I do have your attention, listen up because I’m going to be providing you the goods.

If you follow this guide all the way through you are going to get Amazon working for your CPG brand through SEO on Amazon.

The $10 Billion Dollar Secret

You might be running an E-commerce business selling CPG products, you might have a large social following, and you know how to drive retail sales to your online storefront.

Therefore, what can we tell you in this article?

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to grow on Amazon, or have had little success on Amazon but you know that your competitors are beating you there, this is the guide that will right the ship.

Is This Guide For You?

Maybe this ain’t your first rodeo for marketing your E-commerce brand because you’re running a successful business already and maybe you are just getting started with getting your products onto Amazon.

Well, wether you are just getting started on Amazon or you already have a successful online brand through Amazon or otherwise, this guide is for you.

Amazon’s Money-Making System Revealed

Let me tell you about another secret that’s interwoven into Amazon’s money-making ecosystem that’s seen sales increase 37% year-over-year to $10 billion a year, According to’s article by Kiri Masters “What’s Driving Amazon’s $10 Billion Advertising Business.”

I’m talking about Amazon Advertising, which is another article in itself.

I won’t be talking about Amazon Advertising in this guide, however, I mention it when speaking about Amazon SEO because both are interrelated.

However, every great Amazon ad campaign starts with Amazon SEO.

Before you spend $1,000’s on ads make sure you apply the principles in this guide on Amazon SEO and get some organic sales first.

The Only Ads Beating Google

Amazon might seem like a bit of a mystery to your company. Like, who knew that Amazon Ads are competing with ad monopolies like Google in Q2, 2019.

“As Google only seen a 15% increase in ads sales this year while Amazon seen a 37% increase in ad sales this year.”

Often brands honeymoon with Amazon, maybe you have too.

A recent client of mine told me about a honeymooning period with a creepy self-proclaimed Amazon consultant.

The consultant left my client hanging after several months with a $25,000 bill, no sales, and a graveyard of mismanaged product listings sprawled across Amazon.

Amazon Can Damage Your Brand

Every time shoppers search my client’s products now on Amazon their hard-earned brand reputation gets a ding.

That’s because my client’s listings have distorted images, improper product descriptions and pricing that’s way below MAP, essentially cannibalizing their own E-commerce sales.

Many a great retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor have tried to diversify their businesses by “popping” a few products onto Amazon with failed attempts.

So, if you’ve had failed attempts at selling your products and making a profit like some of our clients we’ll help you remedy that here in this guide. We’ll get you moving in the right direction, at a minimum.

So keep reading!

How This Guide Helps You

This guide won’t make you an Amazon SEO expert because you’ve got better things to do with your time.

However, we’ll distill down information to you from examples, and our opinions based on helping CPG Brands sell more on Amazon.

What You Need To Grow Sales On Amazon

We’ll tell you what you need to be doing on Amazon with your teams and what you need to include in your listings that will provide you the best possible success on Amazon.

We’ll guide you in baby steps. So, the first step is what is Amazon SEO?

2. What Is Amazon SEO?

“In its simplest form SEO for Amazon is working with Amazon’s system, an Algorithm called “A9″ to get your listings to show up and increase your sales.”

Let’s start describing what Amazon SEO is with an example of a clean beauty cosmetic company “Axiology.”

When I search for the brand “Axiology” these listings showed up:

That makes sense, right? We want our brand to show up when people search for us.

That would be nice, unfortunately not all brands show up like this for shoppers without thinking about Amazon SEO.

For example, when I search for the awesome brand “Aromi Cosmetics” their products don’t show up.

If all you learn from this guide is how to get your brand to show up like Axiology then you will improve your business on Amazon.

How do you get your brand to show up like Axiology?

Before we jump into the practical steps.

Let’s talk a little bit about how the Amazon system works, it’s essentially, a robot that learns how to give shoppers the most relevant products based on their searches.

This cute little robot’s name is “A9.”

3. What’s Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Amazon A9

Understanding A9 is the key to success on Amazon and why a lot of companies, who aren’t Amazon experts fail.

Example of The Amazon A9 Algorithm Working

The reason the Amazon A9 algorithm exists is to:

“Help Amazon shoppers find more relevant products so they will buy more.”

If I’m a shopper and I search for “organic facial cleanser” how can you get your listing to show up?

The easiest way to utilize Amazon SEO to get your brand to show up for “organic facial cleanser” is to include this key term in your product listing title, product description, and bullet points. ( I’ll get into how to do this a little later ).

I search, for example “organic facial cleanse” you’ll notice that I get a bunch of listings that show up like so.

Now, if I’m eating a vegan hot dog and mustard dribbles onto my vegan leather pants in the middle of typing and I enter in “organic facia cleanse” then A9’s got my back, for the most part.


The listings that show up are pretty much the same brands like EAVARA or Eminence.

This is how A9 has greatly improved the relevance of shopper’s searches by including misspellings when they search for your product.

Let’s just make another slight variation and search for “organic facial rinse” which is similar to ” “organic facial cleanse.”

These listings are almost completely different for essentially the same product except one listing uses cleanser, the other rinser.

“So, what the heck do this gotta do with my listing, Shaun!” you might be hollering at me.

One Term Yields Higher Sales

Well the term “organic facial cleanser” yields, on average about $2,739 a month for all the sellers on Amazon.

The kicker, the term “organic facial rinse” has more sellers using that term and it only yields about $1,500 a month on average for sellers on Amazon.

Amazon Market Data

Therefore, if I’m looking to launch and brand my product using the term cleanser versus rinse I might increase sales by 2% from that adjustment.

Talk about informed decision-making.

Here’s how you can also find the best profitable keywords for your products.

1. Jump over to Jungle Scout and sign up…

Amazon Listing Research

2. You are going to want to select the “extension” for $19.99.

3. Follow the instructions to install on Chrome.

4. Open up and search for “organic facial cleanser” as per my example.

5. You will see a little icon in the top right corner just below your tabs that you can click that says “JS”, click it now.

6. Check out the results, take note of the following when choosing key terms that you are going to use in writing your product listing title, description and bullet points:

  1. Average monthly sales
  2. Average price
  3. Average reviews

I’ll get more into the importance of these data points when we construct a perfect Amazon SEO Listing for your products if you keep on reading.

I won’t get into the technical details of A9, this is as deep as we will go and all you really need to know to direct your team or implement on your own.

So, what do we want to do next?

Let’s talk about getting your products to show up when shoppers search your brand like Axiology and not Aromi Cosmetics.

Don’t get me wrong Aromi is awesome and they have great products but their listings can be improved from an Amazon SEO perspective.

4. The Perfect Amazon SEO Product Listing Formula

Let’s get into how we could improve SEO on Amazon for Aromi’s product listings.

Before I show you the step-by-step process to make the first listing let’s talk about what makes a great listing.

Perfect Amazon Listing Title

  • Include your brand name
  • Include “profitable” key terms
  • Include a clear description of what your product does
  • Mention a specific ingredient or essential material ( based on profitable key terms )
  • Specify the color, size, and quantity ( if applicable )

Axiology good SEO product title:

  • They use their brand name Axiology in every listing
  • They mention specific ingredients in their product description i.e; Cruelty-free, Vegan, All Natural

Aromi Cosmetics not as good SEO ( still an awesome brand )

  • Their brand title “Aromi” is very close to “Aromatics” they should consider using “Aromi Cosmetics” versus just Aromi in all titles to help A9, the friendly Amazon robot, distinguish the difference for shoppers
  • They don’t include their brand in every title
  • They don’t include consistent ingredient attributes for the same products
  • They need to follow the same format for all listing titles

Other considerations for a great listing that’s Amazon SEO awesome, is the following:

Backend Keywords

These are the keywords that you enter into the listing through Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central.

  • Don’t repeat any words
  • Avoid quotation marks since they’ll limit your overall character count
  • Don’t include too many variations of the same word
  • Commas are ignored
  • Include variations in spelling or synonyms

Product Descriptions and Bullet Points

Amazon listing description

  • Consistency – You want to maintain brand standards of your product listings across all listings. It’s helpful to develop a product-listing brand standard guide. This brand standard guide can be also uploaded to Amazon Brand Registry. This is especially important when you are working with resellers who are setting up their own listings for your products.
  • Copywriting – Copywriting is salesmanship through writing. For the description, work hard to make the copy readable and be sure to include sales copy that’s consistent on your packaging and other retail channels like your website.
  • Profitable Keywords – Use the keyword discovery walkthrough I provided to find keywords that products similar to yours are making money on and use those keywords in your descriptions, titles, and bullet points.

Amazon Performance Factors

Product Price

“The key to successful pricing on Amazon at its simplest is being able to offer a similar product for the same price or cheaper than your competitors.”

I’ve provided you the baseline research that you can conduct using Jungle Scout to find the average selling price of products similar to yours on Amazon.

The #1 key factor with having success selling your products on Amazon, which is a part of pricing is winning the coveted Buy Box. 

According to Big Commerce:

“82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box, and the percentage is even higher for mobile purchases.”

Requirements for competing for the Buy Box

Professional Seller Account

Only sellers who have purchased a Professional Seller accounts on Amazon can get the Buy Box.

Buy Box Eligibility Status

Your status can be checked in Amazon Seller Central.

New Items

Used items aren’t eligible for the regular Buy Box, though they can be sold on a separate Buy Used Box.


Without stock on Amazon or through Seller-Fulfilled Prime, the Buy Box will rotate to another seller when they come to your listing.

The 4 Biggest Buy Box Factors Amazon Uses

  1. Using Fulfillment By Amazon ( FBA )
  2. Seller-Fulfilled Prime
  3. Landed Price
  4. Shipping Time

Brand Pages

Using brand pages aren’t as powerful as the other sales factors I mentioned in this guide, however, this is still crucial to an overall customer brand experience on Amazon.

Here are some factors you want to consider with Amazon brand pages:

  • Consistent product branding from other sales channels, product descriptions, product title descriptions, etc.
  • Merchandizing optimization focusing on bestselling products


If you have a CPG brand and you want to improve, or start selling on Amazon, or your selling products on Amazon through resellers and you want to start selling your own listings so that you have a predictable money-making machine, or you are anywhere in-between, this guides for you.

Reference back to the key points that we’ve provided in this Amazon SEO guide as you build or look to optimize your CPG product listings this year!


1. Why Is SEO on Amazon Important For My Business?

2. What is SEO for Amazon?

3. What’s Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?


4. The Perfect Amazon SEO Product Listing Formula


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