How To Use Amazon Advertising To Sell Books

Amazon Advertising

How To Use Amazon Advertising To Sell Books

Grow Your Brand Through Publishing And Amazon Advertising

If you own a CPG brand in the beauty and personal care industry, or you are looking at a way to differentiate your brand in the market place in any industry the writing and publishing a book on Amazon is a great way to do that.   

Today, we are going to show you how I was able to take my book all the way to a bestseller on Amazon through Amazon Advertising and Amazon Kindle Publishing. 

However, you may have heard of many business influencers online talking about how to make passive income by publishing short-form, low-quality books through Amazon Publishing, for example. 

Then you have traditional publishers focused on quality but they don’t get the online world of self publishing through Amazon Kindle, or online marketing strategies of how to sell books through Amazon Advertising, as another example. 

Amazon Advertising Strategy for Publishing Books

What’s the best publishing strategy for your book so that you can get book sales and grow your brand online?

A place in-between self-publishing because you can use online strategies like Amazon Kindle Publishing and traditional publishing so your book still has that high-quality shine of a book you’d buy in the local bookstore. 

That’s the sweet spot and we are sharing that sweet spot publishing strategy with you in this video today. 

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