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Amazon Advertising And PPC Supporting Cruelty Free 

Our ethical and cruelty free clients see an average 30% increase in sales of their products through our Amazon Advertising and PPC services. Want to find out how you can do this?

Our Amazon Advertising and Seller Services

Get More Cruelty Free Sales Over Generic and Toxic Brands  

Only 2 in 10 searches on Amazon for popular terms like "toothpaste" or "facial cleanser" show ethical, cruelty free products. With a combination of Amazon SEO and Advertising, and Amazon Fulfillment Strategies our product listing experts will get your brand to show up for shoppers over brands that aren't ethical or cruelty free. 

We Increase Your Sales By Getting You In Front Of Amazon Shoppers

Amazon Advertising Sponsored Brand

Amazon has over 300 million shoppers worldwide. When shoppers search terms related to your natural and cruelty free brand we get an ad for your Amazon store to show at the top with Amazon Sponsored Brands. We make it happen with our expertise in Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO copywriting, and visual merchandizing optimization. 

Amazon Advertising Sponsored Product

If you are selling natural and cruelty free "organic incense", for example, we can get your product to show up over or alongside generic toxic brand results when shoppers search for incense on Amazon.

Related Products Ads

If your selling organic lip primer, as an example, you can get your product to show up on listings from competitors. We get you to show up in the "Sponsored products related to this item" section just beneath your competitors listings, like so. We make it happen with our expertise in Amazon PPC, product copywriting, and visual merchandizing optimization. 

Grow online sales and help end animal experiments by consulting with our Amazon Selling experts

Clients Who've Recognized Us As Expert Amazon Sellers


—John Parkes

VP of Marketing For Clickfunnels 

“Shaun’s been working with us to sell Russell’s ( Russell Brunson ) books on amazon and has done a great job and he’s been helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

—Richard Armstrong Published Author and copywriter for Readers Digest, Newsweek, ABC

“...like Dante, you have your own “Virgil” in Shaun McLachlan, who will guide you through the nine circles of Amazon hell and help emerge into the paradise of bestsellerdom!”

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