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Grow Your Brand On Amazon And We Can End Animal Experiments Together

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The State Of Natural And Cruelty Free Brands Today

The global market for beauty, and personal care is over $500 billion ( ) in 2020 while natural and cruelty free products only make up 2.4% of that market. 

The Problem That's An Opportunity

For example, in the US only 21% of consumers buy natural and cruelty free beauty and personal care products. However, 88% of US consumers, according to, would rather buy products from companies with a social cause like being ethical and cruelty free.

Consumer Demand Drives The Market

Amazon accounted for 44.6% of all sales in the beauty and personal care market in 2018. Amazon, according to The Verge is being sued by 1,016 companies for selling toxic products. This is because there is still consumer demand for these products. 

The Solution

It starts by changing consumer demand on the largest retailer, Amazon. We, the Amazon selling experts, and you, the store owners can work together to increase consumer demand of ethical and cruelty free products for good. 

Solution #1: We Increase Consumer Demand For Your Cruelty Free Products, Globally

Solution #2: We Help You Sell Your Cruelty Free Products on Amazon

When shoppers search on Amazon we can get your vegan and Cruelty-free products to show up over brands that support animal experimentation with our Amazo​​​​n Marketing Services:

The #1 sales tool in 2019 for eCommerce according to is word-of-mouth marketing through customer reviews...

  • We will help you get more product reviews from your customers on Amazon...
  • More reviews increases sales metrics, which improves your cruelty brands visibility and sales...

When someone searches "shampoo" or "lipstick" on Amazon, 9 out of 10 times a generic brand shows. Amazon Advertising can get your cruelty free brand to show instead...

  • We can launch your cruelty free brand on Amazon...
  • Increase net profits for your business on Amazon...
  • Increase market share in your product categories...

Solution #3: Learn How To Grow Your Cruelty Free Brand On Amazon

AMAZON SEO GUIDE: For Cruelty-free Brands To Rank High and Sell More

Amazon SEO is going to be the most important factor to growing your cruelty free brand in 2020 online. This tell-all guide shows you how to get started.

The Beginners Guide To Amazon Ads For Cruelty Free Brand Owners

41% of the top 100 retails brands are taking their media budgets from Facebook and Google and spending them on Amazon Ads. Learn how and why you should too.

Clients Who've Recognized Us As Expert Amazon Sellers


—John Parkes

VP of Marketing For Clickfunnels 

“Shaun’s been working with us to sell Russell’s ( Russell Brunson ) books on amazon and has done a great job and he’s been helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

—Richard Armstrong Published Author and copywriter for Readers Digest, Newsweek, ABC

“ Dante, you have your own “Virgil” in Shaun Hibbs, who will guide you through the nine circles of Amazon hell and help emerge into the paradise of bestsellerdom!”

Sell on Amazon and end animal experiments by consulting with one of our Amazon selling experts

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